Do you want to go out with me?

So tonight I was trying to relax in my room after studying for my last finals. I was watching the show, How I Met Your Mother (great show btw) and for those of you who don’t know, the storyline for the entire show is the main character, Ted, who is telling the story of how he met his wife to his kids (who is also their mother).  So a lot of the episodes include him asking women out on dates. It made me start to wonder, when is real life ever like this, and why can’t it be?

It is one of the biggest frustrations in the world to me is when I am watching a show or movie and the characters just always end up with someone. I mean, I get that it’s the television and it’s the job of the media to always assume a happy ending is in sight but come on, why can’t guys get the guts to ask a girl out?

I see it all the time, guys and girls give each other sweet looks and flirtatious vibes but nothing EVER comes of it. Why is that? For me, I am definitely old-fashioned when it comes to dating, which is a kind of death sentence nowadays seeing as how much society is changing from previous years. As much as I am willing to bend the rules for things, I firmly believe that the guy should be the one to ask the girl out. The problem with this, is that I feel like guys are becoming more and more lazy and the girls are tired of waiting so they end up making the first move and taking the plunge. Which to be perfectly honest, there’s nothing wrong with it, I am just really old-fashioned, as I have said before and I feel like if the girl has enough guts to take that risk, what’s that say about the guy that they’re interested in?

 That is another reason I feel like the guy needs to have enough of a back bone to not be so scared. I understand the fear of being rejected, but think about the fear of actually saying no, because to be honest, that’s a scary and nerve-wrecking part of that could come up as well. However, you also have to think about the excitement if the girl says yes. Bear with me here, I am not the only one that feels this way. Several of my single friends out there have had some of these same concerns. Any thoughts behind these reasons or anything?

I read an interesting article today on the New York Times talking about how half of the population is single out there and most of them did not choose that lifestyle by choice. It discusses several reasons why there are so many singles out there and the differences an education makes them. It really makes you think about your life and what you want it to be like.

Let me know what you think about any of this. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated 🙂


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