Back to School Blues…again

So for those of you that don’t know, I started taking college classes again. Mainly on account that my job will allow me to take them for free, so long as I pass the class. It’s mostly business courses that I’ve done, however this semester I’m in College Algebra! UGH!

I’ve never been very good at math, and college algebra is no different. I get so frustrated with the whole formula process and from what I’ve seen, even though most people say it’s the same pretty much everywhere, it’s actually not. For instance I’m taking the class online though a community college nearby and my cousins, who are taking the same course, but in class, are on completely different problems then me. To make matters even more annoying, one professor is teaching things one way, and another is teaching things the opposite. I’ve never quite understood this, especially since it’s the same school that they teach though. Has anyone else experienced this?

To be quite honest, I never intended on taking the course online, however the only times I was able to make were the early morning classes and unfortunately, the college reserves those slots for dual enrollment students. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the course I thought to myself if I just worked hard and did the assigned problems, I should be okay. Boy was I wrong.

I’ve always been a visual and do it yourself learner. So for the online lectures, it didn’t allow me to fully grasp the content and I ended up failing the first two quizzes. I was disheartened and so stressed with the class. When I tried writing to my professor about it, he wasn’t much help, and didn’t offer that much guidance for what the best way to improve my grade.

You see, the difference between going to college right after high school and going back later in life is that yes, it can be extremely difficult, but as an older student, I’m much less afraid to ask for help or get the tutoring I would need to succeed in the class. I’m not afraid to ask for help or realize when I may be in over my head. While my professor wasn’t much help, those two cousins I mentioned earlier we’re essential. With they’re help, I was able to successfully raise my grade, and my one cousin who happens to excel at math, was able to assist me with the quizzes and exams and walk me through problems that I may have not fully understood. To date, I have an 85 in the class and 3 weeks left. I’m praying that I can still get though this with my sanity and no grey hairs, but alas, only time will tell.

So with this last bit of information, I leave you with this advice. Not everyone can be good at everything. Know your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do to improve yourself or your work. Whether you’re an 18 year old freshman or 35 year old junior, swallow your pride and ask for assistance. We’ve all been there and had stressful situations, but part of being an adult is knowing when you are over your head and in trouble, and being able to accept the things that we are not good at or might not like and improving on those things in any way we can.


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