27 to 28

So at the beginning of the year, I wanted to write something meaningful, reflecting on the past year. To evaluate the past and create new resolutions that are ACTUALLY achievable and that I would ACTUALLY be able to say I fulfilled. As with life, things got busy, work was stressful, school got hard, and finding time for myself has been few and far between. Now it’s been almost two weeks since my birthday and I decided I wanted to make this year count. To make conscious decisions and make my choices matter.

Life is about making choices and learning to adapt with change. Growing up as a military brat, you get used to change and even start to become excited about it. Changes are made by the choices we make in our daily life. Choices that can be great, and others that may make us rethink that last tequila shot the night before a major test. This year, I want to make wiser choices and create positive changes in my life. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut for some time and I need a jolt of something to get myself going again.

One of my mom’s favorite sayings is “Make good choices”. She got it from Freaky Friday when Jamie Lynn Curtis calls out to Lindsay Lohan in front of all her friends at high school. I think she may have started saying it because it was funny at the time and she may have thought my brother and I would be embarrassed in some way. We obviously weren’t bothered by it, but she hasn’t stopped saying it either. I think it’s a great mantra to have in life when you’re unsure of something, or needing guidance when something might scare you. Its one of the things I’m going to have to remind myself over the course of this next year. To assist me in “making good choices”, I’ve created a list of 27 things I want to achieve or do over the next year before my 28th birthday.



  1. Read 3 Nicholas Sparks books He’s actually one of my favorite writers and I LOVE to read. Even though, I practically have his entire collection, and may have only read a handful of them, haha!  I want to wipe the dust off the pages and bring some of those novels to life.
  2. Apply for Grad Schools- EKKKKK!!! This makes me want to literally hide in my room for the rest of my life and literally Netflix and chill! I’ve always wanted my masters and still have no idea what subject to get it in, but applying is a start, right?
  3. Visit the Georgia Aquarium Okay, I’ve lived in the state of Georgia for four years now and I say it’s high time I actually visit this place. I love aquariums, more-so than zoo’s and it’s practically the staple tourist attraction for the state!
  4. Make it a week without makeup- I actually don’t think this will be too hard. Although, I say that now, and I’ll probably be regretting it later! These days I think that some girls find it difficult to see the natural beauty in themselves. Everyone, whether they admit it or not, sees more flaws in themselves than they would like. I want to break that cycle and praise natural gifts that God gave me!
  5. Survive 27 days without social media- No Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter (not that I use that one too often). I really thought about this; Like seriously contemplated even putting this on here, because it’s probably the one thing that will drive me absolutely nuts! But with today’s social media world, we see so many people addicted to it and glued to their phones. I want to enjoy my time with friends and family, and live in the moment, even if just for a month.
  6. Buy and listen to an entire Johnny Cash Album- The king of country as some would say, he has this addictive, deep voice that can pierce you to your core. I’m sorry to admit I actually only have one song of his. I’ve been a lover of country music since I can remember and I want to appreciate some the legends and the greats!
  7. Blog once a month- If at the very least, to keep this list updated! I love writing; about life, love, and anything that interests me. I miss it so much sometimes because i don’t feel like I do it enough, or even at all. It’s mostly just journals and scribblings but I want to actually put something down for people to read every once in a while. Even if it just reminds them they’re not alone in this world.
  8. Resist eating out for a week- Sunday to Saturday. 7 days. You’d think it’d be a breeze, but for a single bachelorette living with her 4-legged, very spoiled “child”, it can be difficult cooking for just one. Things are always so much easier if other people do the cooking for me and I can simply pick what I want and it’s done within minutes, without me ever having to lift a finger.
  9. 27 pay it forwards- You may be asking yourself, “What the hell is she talking about?” Basically, I want to pay it forward and do something nice for someone who can never repay me-27 times. I’ll be honest, a lot of these are going to be paying for someone’s food in the drive though, but who wouldn’t love that every now and then?
  10. Get my tragus pierced I’ve always thought this was a cute piercing and have wanted to get it ever since I saw someone with it. It’s high time I get it done.
  11. Run another 10K- 6.1 miles. I did this 3 years ago and have yet to run another 10k race or even a 5k. It makes me really sad, because I absolutely love to run! It’s a fantastic way to relieve stress and it’s feels so freeing.
  12. Get a faith tattoo- I’m thinking something small, the word “faith”, a cross, or a verse. Haven’t decided yet, which could possibly be the reason I haven’t gotten it. I’ve wanted a faith tattoo since before I got my first tattoo and haven’t had a real need or want to get it. But with me being older and, I like to say, a little wiser, I know what I like and what I don’t like now, so it’s a start.
  13. Finally watch Gone With The Wind- I’ve had the movie for almost five years now and have NEVER seen it. I know, crazy, right? It’s apparently a classic that I’m hoping to enjoy at some point this next year.


    Beaching it for a weekend

  14. Spend a weekend in Savannah or somewhere on the coast I LOVE the beach. It’s so weird for me to say that as I’ve always been a hiking, skiing,
    mountain type girl, but apparently after living in Florida for
    four years, you grow to have a love of sand, saltwater and a the feeling of cool waves crashing into your feet.
  15. Cook a meat other than chicken or beef- You may think this sounds funny, but I’ve always wanted to perfect a recipe for mouthwatering steak or pulled pork. I’ve only ever tried to cook chicken and beef, which are pretty basic so I’d like to expand my culinary horizons.
  16. Drink more water- This pretty much speaks for itself. H2O=Energy of life. I don’t think you can ever drink enough.
  17. Spend a day in Helen during Octoberfest- Helen is like a little slice of Germany here in the state of Georgia,complete with the designs of the shops and colors of the streets. I’ve always wanted to experience Octoberfest in Germany and it’s pretty much the closest I’m going to get here in the states.
  18. Buy a Tiffany’s key necklace- I have ALWAYS, let me repeat, ALWAYS wanted a key necklace from Tiffany’s. One- because it’s designer jewelry and absolutely stunning; Two- because I sometimes like to envision myself as an Audrey Hepburn yearning for one of the sparkly jewels like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; and Three- because I want to be able to say that I am single female who is able to afford to treat herself.
  19. Do one thing that absolutely terrifies me– What this is, who knows? But I know some of the best experiences have come from taking a leap of faith and stepping into something that’s unknown.
  20. Dublin trained to come when called- My family is going to be nagging me about this one-A LOT. My 4 legged, adorable child, who is way to spoiled for his own good, is smart. He is actually already trained with a handful of tricks., but I’d like to train him to come when I call, rather than whenever he feels like it.

    Little rug rat.

  21. Go to Universal Studios- More specifically Harry Potter world. Ever since it opened, as a Hogwarts-loving kid, I’ve wanted to go. It’s super expensive, so I know I’ll have to save, but I just want one day to relive my childhood and experience the magic that made me fall in love with witches and wizards and books that can take you to places you’d only dream about.
  22. Go kayaking- This may surprise some, but I’ve never been kayaking before. I always thought it would be a great workout and fun adventure, so I’d definitely like to try it!
  23. Complete a yoga workout once a month- Surprisingly, I am such a lover of yoga! It’s calming, but also takes focus and strength. I’d like to take an hour or so a month to vary my workouts. Thanks to modern technology, I am actually able to do this at home, rather than have to spend money to take a class. (Free stuff is always better)!
  24. Finish my wall decor- I’ve had this wall decoration project that I’ve wanted to complete since the day I moved in. It’s really just a piece of wood with beading hanging from it, but it’s taken me almost 2 years to finish. Sad, but the truth.  I’m one of the biggest procrastinators ever.
  25. Bake a cake from scratch- Most people might be shocked to learn this, but I’ve never baked a cake from scratch. Like without using a box, haha. I’m not really one to be an overachiever, but I love to bake and I would like to be able to say I’m skillful enough to make a cake with the basic ingredients.
  26. Perfect a sangria mix- Anyone who know’s me would say that I am very much a sangria girl. It’s my go-to drink and I would love to know how to make a damn good batch. Something I could bring to a girls weekend to get tipsy off of or just chill in the sun with a glass in hand.
  27. Stamp my passport- This actually might be cheating a little, as I have a trip to Ireland booked already at the end of the year, but it’s a start. For a girl who spent her childhood moving around and teenage years overseas, as much as I love having a “home base” in Georgia, I MISS EUROPE!!! I have this ache in my chest like I left something behind when I left England. Like get on a plane and spend the rest of my life in a one bedroom flat kind of ache. If I don’t achieve anything else on this list, but this, I will be a very happy 28 year old. 🙂


So here it goes. The choices and decisions I’m going to be making over the next year. Please feel free to hold me accountable, ask me questions, or comment on any of the items below. I’ll be documenting everything in a note on my phone so I can keep track and posting to Instagram of any updates or achievements. This is going to be difficult, challenging, and amazingly adventurous.  To the next 300 and something days of my life, I say bring them on.





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