Driver’s Seat.


Hello There!

My name is Megan and I am a hard-working professional with a degree in Journalism and PR. You ever hear about those college grads were NEVER able to find jobs in their career field, so they settle for a job that’s completely different from their degree? Well thats me, and though it may sound strange and I’d love to be doing something with the degree that I worked so hard for, the job I have now has taught me so much and opened so many doors I’d never thought to even look though.

About me-I have a wonderful family and group of friends that I love. A 4-legged “child” I call Dublin. (He is actually my child in so many ways, -spoiled brat). I live in Georgia and I’m a military brat who has moved every 3 years of her life, however, I can literally call myself a southern belle as I was born in the south! 🙂

I have way too many hobbies and interests, and many different opinions to go along with those. I started this blog years ago for a class, and recently had the itch to start writing again.  I am now making this blog a personal one, with everything having to do with life’s little obstacles and excitements.

So please join me during my 15 minutes to myself as I write about anything
and everything. Who knows what might come out of my head when I actually start to put pen to paper….or in this case, fingers to a keyboard. Come with me and get lost in thought…

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